ETHS Senior Studies Students Reflect on Service Learning

View of Demonstration Garden, 2012

The Talking Farm hosted a group of Senior Studies students over the course of the Fall Semester. Here, we highlight some of their activities by sharing their words of reflection:


Working at The Farm unlocked a future I didn’t think possible and a passion that I didn’t even realize I had. Specifically because of the experiences I had, I am going to make a conscious effort to employ the practices and values that The Farm promotes. I also can’t help but educate those around me about where our food comes from, how it’s processed and how we can make changes to better our environment and our health. It baffles me that people continue the same practices once are aware of what’s going on in our food industry. Also, I never thought I’d be into farming; I had previously dreaded yard work and despised gardening. This isn’t possible any more; I have come to love being outside and working with my body to get a job done. It’s both satisfying and soothing. The physical labor we did made me stronger, both mentally and physically; I am more physically fit and have discovered a drive to get things done. Hopefully, I can continue to participate in service at The Farm this year and even after I go off to college. All the credit for my transformation goes to the amazing people who run The Talking Farm. My group of four people was extremely efficient at completing the tasks that were assigned each week. By doing the little things, like planting, shoveling and maintaining, we helped get The Farm that much further onto its feet and ready for the next few years. I feel honored to be able to help give this organization a push in the right direction and be able to learn from such passionate people. Those very passionate people have already complemented my teammates and I several times on the work we’ve accomplished this semester. They have expressed their gratitude at our help and I am completely confident that my teammates and I did a job well done.


Coming into this service site, I knew that it would be manual labor. Also, from our Thursday visit as a class, I realized that this experience would be a huge educational process. To do this work, a certain level of understanding is necessary. As examples, you have to know how to sow dirt, and how to plant each seed in a specific way. Knowing these qualifications, I am really excited to work here. I am eager to learn about the environment in a way in which I have to participate in keeping nature nurtured. I appreciate being part of the hard work. That way, I as well as all other members of society connected to Talking Farm can better enjoy the results.