The Mulch Center

logo_largeWe work with The Mulch Center in Deerfield to grow our vegetables as robustly and sustainably as possible. The Mulch Center uses re-purposing strategies to build plant species vitality and reduce waste in their mulch and soil products.

The company brings in compost, gravel, topsoil, mulch, and other products to keep our soil healthy and our crops copious.

 “The Talking Farm is going to help educate people on the different aspects of farming, and I see it as a very helpful thing — it’s good for the community.” – Jim Seckelmann, owner

Jim, the founder of The Mulch Center, says he’s noticed each fall, when he comes to pick up some produce for himself, that the harvest has grown in size and abundance since the collaboration began.

“It’s very fulfilling to see that our products are helping benefit The Talking Farm.” – Jim Seckelmann, owner