School Gardens


When is a garden more than a garden? When it’s also a classroom!

Education is a big part of our mission at The Talking Farm. Fortunately, kids and gardens just seem to go together naturally. So we’ve had many fruitful (and vegetable-full!) collaborations with area schools, from the elementary level right up through college.

Here’s a list of our projects over the years. You can see our range of skills and experience. We love introducing young people to the art and science of growing fresh, healthy food and would be happy to discuss any plans you might have. Talking Farm staff members are available (for a fee) to undertake all sorts of consulting and planning assignments. Just let us know!


Elementary School Projects

  • Lincolnwood Elementary School / Evanston (2010). Provided initial design consultation on installation of raised beds.
  • Washington Elementary School / Evanston (2009). Conducted initial feasibility study of placement and design of garden area.
  • Kingsley Elementary School / Evanston (2008). In close collaboration with children and parents, we procured, designed, installed and maintained (for two years) the Green Acres school garden project on the site of a former WWII Victory garden.
  • Middleton Elementary School / Skokie (2013). Conducted initial feasibility study of placement and design of greenhouse and raised beds.


Middle School Projects

  • McCracken Middle School / Skokie (2013). Consulted with school to reassess layout of current garden.
  • Lincoln Jr. High School / Skokie (2013). Designed school garden; providing ongoing maintenance support and educational consulting with new Y.O.U. program.


High School Projects

  • Evanston Township High School / Evanston (2009-present).
    • The Edible Acre: In close collaboration with ETHS, we designed, installed and continue to oversee maintenance of all phases of production with direct, supervised student involvement. (This garden produced 2,000 lbs. of produce in 2012.)
    • 3 Sisters Garden: Have served as consultants on design and installation of garden planned for 2013.
    • Transition House Garden: Designed, installed, and continue to oversee maintenance with support from special education students and Emerge Sophomore Leaders.


College Gardens