Teska Associates

Teska AssociatesTAI-Logo-bright is a community planning and landscape architecture firm based in Chicago. The group got involved with TTF in the fall of 2013 to help us develop a long-range master plan for our site. Together, we created a site plan drawing that includes all of the existing features of the farm including its topography, as well as potential future projects. These developments have allowed us to communicate our long-term goals in a visual, measurable form.

With the help of Teska Associates, TTF also played a role in drafting a new zoning classification for the Village of Skokie. Before this ordinance was passed, Skokie did not have a definition of urban agriculture.

“This was a trailblazing moment for the Village and also for The Talking Farm… it paved the way for potential future agriculture uses.” – Jodi Mariano, principal

Teska has assisted us with projects such as our processing shed and outdoor education shelter. Thanks to the master plan, we have approval to move forward with these and other exciting endeavors, so TTF can continue to grow and expand our reach.