United Airlines

United Airlines has opened up numerous possibilities for TTF by United_Airlines_earth-logochoosing us as a recipient of the Eco-Skies Community Grant. This funding went towards materials to install a new fence and improve our irrigation system. The Environmental Affairs Team at United volunteered their time to help us complete these projects, and learned about how we work with the community to promote sustainability and education through agriculture.

They made us as volunteers feel like we really did something meaningful. And I know that the staff and I had a lot of fun doing it. Now we can drive by and see the fence and know that we helped to contribute to the sustainability of the farm.” — Robert Schlingman, Director of Environmental Policy

The Talking Farm was chosen for this grant on two separate occasions, largely because of the enduring nature of our work. The collaboration began as we were first putting down roots, which proved mutually beneficial because it helped us conquer some early stage goals, and there was room for extending the partnership into the future. Schlingman explained that the opportunity for staff members to volunteer multiple times on site was uniquely valuable.

“It’s good to get out and do something that you can see changes or impacts the community.” — Robert Schlingman, Director of Environmental Policy

Teaming up with a large company like United Airlines underscores our mission of advancing community cohesion. Integrating a diverse range of partnerships and collaborations, from individuals to corporations, allows us to extend our reach as a center of education and to benefit from the opportunities each can offer.