Why an Urban Farm?

Food is one of life’s necessities—and one of its greatest pleasures. It’s deeply satisfying to know that the food you are eating and serving your family is fresh, wholesome and delicious.

Our grocery stores bulge with fresh produce. Yet often these “fresh” fruits and vegetables have traveled an average 1,500 miles before reaching you. They may be days or weeks old. They may have lost much of their nutritional value and flavor in transit. Furthermore, there’s a good chance this produce was treated with pesticides and herbicides as it grew.

An urban farm makes truly fresh food possible again. We want to make it easier for you to celebrate and enjoy the earth’s bounty by raising good, nutritious fruits and vegetables close to home using sustainable methods.

Support a Sustainable Local Economy and Healthy Food System

Evanston and Skokie are part of a regional food system that produces only 3% of the food we consume. (Although Illinois is a farm state, most of the food we grow is exported for agricultural or manufacturing purposes.) As a result, we depend on corporate food purveyors for our meals. An urban farm can help provide us with healthy, locally grown foods we can trust. It can also keep our money working locally as the demand for sustainably grown produce by our community’s citizens, restaurants, schools, and food pantries continues to grow.

Nurture Strong Community Connections

An urban farm is more than a place to grow food. It can be a source of jobs, internships, and volunteer projects. It’s a living classroom, community kitchen, and source of beauty. The farm is a place to “come home to,” where neighbors and friends can meet to work and learn together, celebrate the seasons, share a meal, enjoy the earth, and keep our community a vibrant place to live.