Amanda Berry

Staff Farmer

Hi y’all! I’m Amanda. Although my background is a bit of everything, my love for growing food has primarily sprung from working in and out of nonprofits throughout the city, which all have built community through common visions of mutuality, accessibility,  equity, and skill sharing. In the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to work for multiple organizations combating food apartheid and overall striving to provide equal food access for all. These experiences have taught me that we cannot rely on society to provide us with our basic needs, rather, we must rely on each other, community, and locality as the platforms that sustain us. I’m a strong believer that food and food education have the ability to provide us with such perspectives. Agriculture alone has shown me the true wonders that lie within teamwork, transparency, and overall how critical the small things are. These beliefs I hold dear to my heart and am beyond grateful to be practicing them in between the soil each day. Given that this work rarely feels like work to me, I spend most days in a garden; however, when I’m not in a garden, you can find me teaching kiddos, planning a road trip, journaling, and absorbing time and hugs with friends.

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