Patrick Dahl

Director of Farm Operations

Patrick brings his varied background in software development, urban farming, and garden and plant management to The Talking Farm. In this role, Patrick is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Howard Street Farm, its off-site gardens, Garden Membership CSA program, and PYOB online farmers market. Patrick’s first encounter with The Talking Farm was actually as a software developer looking to do market research. He joined the internship program in the spring of 2020 with the thinking that, “what better way to learn about how a farm runs than to work on one?” Prior to that experience, he spent nearly a decade in research and development, both in industry and academia. He worked on projects to extend the capabilities of existing medical technologies, such as ultrasound imaging and MRI, as well as projects to develop new ones, such as new ways to administer pharmaceuticals to HIV patients. During his graduate studies in engineering, Patrick turned his attention to the plant world. He feels that gardeners and farmers alike are disproportionately underserved when it comes to new software technology. In addition to his work in the fields at The Talking Farm, Patrick pursues trying to use his technical background in software and engineering to develop ways of connecting community members with the best local food producers.

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