We grow produce, herbs, and flowers using sustainable practices while educating the community about agriculture, biodiversity, and horticulture through hands-on learning and example, both at the Howard Street Farm, our 2.5-acre full-production urban farm in Skokie, and at our off-site teaching gardens with schools and organizations. Each year, we distribute over 21,000 pounds of fresh, locally-grown produce to the community through farmers’ markets, a membership program, restaurants, and food pantries. By 2022, our goal is to distribute approximately 60,000 pounds of produce locally grown at the Howard Street Farm.

Teaching by Doing

To fulfill our mission, we must increase awareness of the environmental, social justice, and health effects of food. We teach people about food by doing. We sustainably grow produce, herbs, and flowers at the Howard Street Farm, which serves as a model small-scale, biodiverse, agricultural teaching and volunteering space. We lead off-site teaching gardens and programs with schools and community organizations, and provide urban agriculture internships, certification programs, and volunteer opportunities. By doing, we are teaching.