Internships & Certifications

Grow Your Knowledge

Sustainable Agriculture Internship Program:

Want to learn how to grow food using sustainable growing methods? Join us for one of our (3) 8-15-week stipend internship program sessions during the growing season. By working between 10-20 hours per week, you will receive intensive hands-on instruction by our Farm Staff on the key areas of successfully managing a sustainable, urban farm.

These areas include:

  • Crop planning and implementation
  • Seed propagation
  • Bed preparation techniques
  • Watering/Irrigation approaches
  • Weed management techniques
  • Integrated Pest Management approaches
  • Harvesting and post-harvest handling
  • Season extension
  • Farmers market operation
  • Volunteer management

This program continues to be one of our most comprehensive ways to teach our community about how to grow food sustainably. As an intern, you will be fully integrated into farming activities.

To apply to become an intern, sign up here.

Internships are open to people aged 18 or older at the time of their internship. For more information email jobs(at)

The Talking FarmHand Certificate Program:

If you need a more flexible schedule for learning how to farm sustainably, consider our FarmHand Certificate Program. Receive hands-on instruction by our Farm Staff in various disciplines related to urban farming.

To achieve your certificate, participants need to complete 50 hours of volunteer work within 12 months in the following categories of work-study including seed propagation, crop planning/implementation, IPM (Insect Pest Management) and disease control, harvesting/post-harvest handling, season extension, hoop house construction/upkeep, watering/drip irrigation, general farm maintenance, field construction/soil building, volunteer management/public education/Farm public relations.

There is a $200 fee to participate in this program.

To learn more, email