Owen Needham

Rachel Hoffman (they/them) is a grower and youth educator based in Chicago. They are passionate about social justice, access to a healthy environment for all, and planting seeds both literally and metaphorically speaking. 

Kevin grew up helping his uncle on farms near the Wisconsin border. Working with animals and learning basic garden skills seeded a future passion for farm life. Years later, Kevin returned to this farming with an organic gardening company where he helped to build and maintain mostly residential gardens for a few seasons. Following this,

Lissa has always loved the outdoors and growing up in NYC made her passionate about increasing the amount of outdoor-based education that city kids have. After graduating from Brandeis University with a degree in environmental studies, Lissa has worked in outdoor and nature-based educational settings to help increase environmental literacy amongst young folks. When she’s

Camille is passionate about growing food, enjoying nature, and farming.  She is an avid preserver of food and loves stretching out the summer bounty throughout the year that way.  When she’s not at the Farm, she is gardening in her own community garden plot, working with Oakton elementary school kids in the school garden she organizes, or

Owen was born and raised in Chicago and has been working in sustainable agriculture for 8 years. After graduating from college in St. Louis, Owen lived in El Salvador for a year learning sustainable agriculture practices. Owen continued his education in agriculture through farm apprenticeships in central Ohio, and since 2016 he has worked in